A 'walking dinner' is a complete dinner consisting of small dishes where you are not tied to your seat at a table. This form of dining is nowadays very popular at company parties or staff outings. During a walking dinner you come into contact with different colleagues in a pleasant way, because you do not have to sit at the same place at the table all evening. The various dishes are all culinary experiences and a feast for the eyes. All walking dinner dishes together form a whole dinner. This can be booked from 20 people.

The dishes are served on crockery and they are easy to eat. Glasses, amuse-bouche spoons, trendy skewers and saucers pass by.

You can make your own choice from the walking dinner dishes below, but you can also leave it to us.
We are happy to help you with the correct structure and responsible composition of the menu.

A selection of our walking dinner dishes:


  • Matured goat cheese with crispy potato and thyme dressing
  • Skewers of mozzarella, basil, sweet cherry tomato topped with balsamic syrup
  • Brown toast with arugula, gorgonzola and summer honey
  • Smoked salmon bonbon with crème fraiche, dill and Dutch shrimp filling
  • Rolled spicy pancakes with goat cheese, celery and fig syrup
  • Homemade potato salad with Dutch shrimps, puff pastry sticks and sesame
  • Trout mousse with salad and pieces of smoked salmon
  • Glass of Sicilian penne with tuna tartare
  • Salad of Dutch shrimps and avocado with lightly smoked marinated tomato
  • Paper-thin veal roast beef with marinated oyster mushroom and arugula
  • Herb ricotta with crispy ham in a glass
  • Dried ham with a vegetable garden of beets, beans and radishes
  • Finely sliced beef tenderloin with Parmesan cheese, spicy croutons, pine nuts and pesto dressing
  • Wrap with smoked ribeye, arugula and homemade fig marmalade
  • Cup of dried ham with celery stalk salad, feta, diced red bell pepper, chives and corn
  • Home smoked duck with duck liver mousse


  • Paprika soup with thyme, whipped cream and oregano
  • Spicy curry soup with pieces of fine chicken and spring onion
  • Lightly bound fish soup with fried scallop
  • Light creamy spinach soup with feta and puff pastry stem
  • Champagne spoom as a refreshment break drink in between € 5.00


  • Gamba skewer in a spicy pepper-caramel sauce and iceberg salad
  • Puff pastry with lamb ragout
  • Parsnip mousseline with fried scallop and balsamic syrup
  • Tomato risotto served with cod fritters and a truffle sauce
  • Baked haddock with spinach, roasted bell pepper and lobster gravy
  • Stir-fried prawns with teriyaki and tomatoes and risotto
  • Grilled salmon skewer marinated in soy sauce and garlic marinade on a bed of wok vegetables
  • Large king prawn on couscous, spring onion, snow peas, chili, peas and bell pepper with teriyaki sauce
  • Braised corn chicken on a puree of cauliflower and tomato with tarragon gravy
  • Beef stewed in spicy mushroom sauce with garden herb puree
  • Duck fillet with orange port sauce and oven potatoes with sea salt and thyme
  • Roasted piece of monastery pig, Groningen mustard ointment and plums poached in French cognac
  • Veal rolls with sage and panchetta, on endive mash
  • Suckling pig rack with cranberry potato pie
  • Veal sukade with garden herb puree and a port syrup
  • Noodles with shiitake, spring onion, snow peas, ginger, coriander, chili and marinated beef tenderloin
  • Lamb fillet on ratatouille and a sauce with roasted garlic
  • Dot of homemade mini quiche filled with vegetables and gratinated with cheese


  • Fresh pineapple with Grand Marnier and coconut ice cream
  • Pure chocolate mousse with stew pear and orange coulis
  • Orange tart with marinated fruit
  • Lemon tart with a jelly of cassis
  • Grutze with Greek yogurt and vanilla cream
  • Warm cherries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
  • Raspberry pannacotta with chocolate mousse
  • Red fruit soup in the mix with yogurt
  • Banana bavarois with red fruits and a sponge of mandarin
  • Homemade Tiramisu
  • Strawberry pannacotta with mint cream
  • Brownie with coockiedough ice cream and caramel cream
  • Carrot cake with banana ice cream

When you choose dishes, we are happy to make a custom price for you, as not all dishes are equally expensive. We are happy to help you with further questions or adjustments.



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+31 (0)599 58 12 08